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Wind Mitigation

Although we’d like to help everyone, at this time funds are limited.

Eligible homeowners need to fall within certain income limits, age brackets, and/or disability status. Services are primarily to bringing roof to current wind mitigation building code standards.

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Five Things To Know About Strengthening Your Home

Through the RCMP grant from the Florida Division of Emergency Management, we are helping eligible homeowners to ensure their home is able to withstand hurricane winds and rains up to at least a category 4 storm.

EA's partnership with FEMA enables us to promote wind mitigation and provide hazard mitigation upgrades to residents.

Funded activities include retrofits, inspections, and construction or modification of building components designed to increase a structure’s ability to withstand hurricane-force winds. The Florida Building Code is used as the standard for all retrofitting.

Per F.S. 553.844(1)(b)(c) “Hurricanes represent a continuing threat to the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of this state due to the direct destructive effects of hurricanes as well as their effects on windstorm insurance rates. The mitigation of property damage constitutes a valid and recognized objective of the Florida Building Code.” Mitigation is an integral part of the Division of Emergency Management. Mitigation actions reduce or eliminate the loss of life and property by lessening the impact of disasters. ​Due to Florida’s weather, geography, and miles of coastline the state is highly vulnerable to disasters. Disasters can be very costly to citizens and government.

Residential Construction Mitigation Program (RCMP)

EA's primary goal is to serve at-risk groups in Duval County, with limited means, that are less likely to be able to afford the necessary improvements that will increase their preparedness level, decrease loss and costly repairs due to wind/hurricane damage, and decrease their insurance cost. 

Florida Statute 627.711(1) requires insurance companies to offer policyholders special discounts and/or credits for damage/loss reducing features of their homes.

EA’s mitigation program not only creates safer homes, it reduces the economic hardship on our target group.

Cost Savings Benefits