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‚ÄčAffordable Housing
By constructing new homes, helping clients find reasonably priced existing homes, and connecting families with downpayment assistance programs, EA's housing program has assisted many families realize their dream of homeownership. We take clients from application to closing.

Housing Counseling
EA assists clients with becoming "ready to buy" through its housing counseling program. We review every aspect of our clients' financial status and help them develop a plan to meet the requirements for loan approval. We also work with credit bureaus to clear disputed and outdated items. Clients are provided with details on first-time homebuyer programs, accessing low-interest rate loans, understanding their buying power, understanding closing costs and how their mortgage payment is calculated, buying warranties and homeowner's insurance, ways to decrease the length of their mortgage, filing for homestead exemption, and home inspections.


To empower families and strengthen communities by providing educational assistance, career counseling, financial literacy education, and affordable housing.

Community Building

Overview of Services

We have a strong volunteer base that is always ready to spring into action. Email us to find out how to become a partner or to volunteer in one of our program initiatives. 

College and Career Readiness

EA provides an array of services aimed at increasing graduation rates and post-secondary enrollment in academic or vocational fields. Services include standardized test prep, graduation progress audits and course mapping, college and career mapping, SAT/ACT prep, assistance with preparing for the cost of college (FAFSA, scholarships, Work-Study), and application submission.


Financial Literacy

EA helps clients prepare for their future by developing sound financial habits. We exercise our commitment to increasing financial literacy through the use of educational workshops, one on one counseling, and financial coaching.We provide counseling on establishing and maintaining good credit, setting a budget, retirement planning and saving, understanding interest rates and A.P.R, preventing foreclosure, refinancing, and mortgage modifications, student loan repayment, modifications, and forgiveness, understanding the true cost of credit, and building a savings reserves.

Mission and Vision

In response to the identified gaps in the availability of safe affordable housing, social services, and employment opportunities for underserved residents in Duval County, EA has developed a program that works toward improving the systemic infrastructure of communities in need.