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Services to Students

Academic Enrichment

Intensive Math/Reading/Science Instruction



Diploma Audits

Homework Assistance

Literacy Remediation

Personal Enrichment

College and Career Readiness

Character Education Workshops

Personal Safety and Nutrition workshops

Cooking Demonstrations

Outdoor Activities

Program Day

Each day students receive a nutritious snack and academic instruction that incorporates Project Based Learning(PBL) experiences, school day extension activities, and Study Island’s research-based curricula specifically tailored to Common Core and Florida Standards.

Additionally, students receive a daily allotment for personal enrichment activities focused on physical and social wellness and a daily allotment of student choice time.

Prescribed afterschool activities are offered to expose students to educational concepts designed to improve their academic and wellness outcomes. These improved outcomes translate to better grades, attendance, and assessment performance, which are all factors that impact dropout and graduation rates. 

Target Schools

EA’s priority objective is to serve 50 students from Jean Ribault Middle School and William M. Raines High School. Both schools are Title 1 with over 65% of the students receiving free/reduced lunch.

EA’s target population is 6th-12th grade students in low to moderate income households, attending one of the listed schools. However, middle and high school students from private schools in the area, may be admitted into the program on a first-come, first-­serve basis. 

Ribault Middle

Empowerment Academy, Inc.

21st Century Community Learning Center

Lewis-Cobb Community Center

Raines High

Services to Families

Family and Economic Support

Conflict Resolution

Anger Management

Employability Skills

Financial Literacy


Family Empowerment

Personal Enrichment

Computer Literacy

Reading Literacy

Personal Safety and Nutrition workshops

Empowerment Academy, Inc.  

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